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Art & History Education- One Day Tour Package for Schools Organised by "CHRONICLES INDIA 7DX THEATRE" at Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu, India. Chronicles Indian Education Tour

Chronicles Indian Education Tour

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Objective of the One Day Tour
  1. Why Mahabalipuram?
  2. Sculpting Studio Visit
  3.  Pallava Dynasty 7DX Movie
  4.  Mahabalipuram Guided Tour
To introduce the rich history and the value of Indian arts to the next generation and to make every student involved to get the most out of their school tour, we wish to provide a practical lab for "Art and History" like other subjects such as Science and Maths,... as Albert Einstein quoted, "Example isn't another way to teach, It is the only way to teach". This is to give a powerful learning experience which will be memorable and meaningful.
Why Mahabalipuram?
Mamallapuram is one of the history's intriguing enigmas. The ancient Mamallapuram, commonly known as Mahabalipuram, was the flourishing port town of the Pallava rulers of south India who chiselled in stone, a fabulous "open-air museum" of sculpture under the vault of a burning sky.
Recognized as one among the few UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITES and also this is the only place in the whole of India declared by UNESCO as WORLD CRAFT CITY for sculptures.
Located about 60 kms from Chennai, Mahabalipuram the coastal town is a heavenly abode for the students of history. Geographically located Mahabalipuram is the best place for students especially from the nearby districts like Chennai, Chengalpattu, Kanchipuram and the State of Pondicherry to experience the Art & History first hand. The sculptures, temples and the shore line are in fact the best teachers of History and because of it's logistical convenience it just takes a one day trip for a student to go back a few thousand years.
Sculpting Studio Visit
Upon arrival students will visit Creative Sculptors, a leading Art Studio in Mamallapuram with Live demonstration of sculpting technique using traditional tools & latest technologies in association with Government College of Architecture and Sculpture. There can be hands on session for few interested participants. This gives an immense understanding of the sculpting art and make them realise how much concentration and tireless effort involved. Next visit will be Chronicles India's 7DX Theatre, acknowledged and appreciated as a very Educative & Magnificent show by the UNESCO team.
Pallava Dynasty 7DX Movie
A concept that presents to the world the age old heritage and culture in an enthralling way catering to all age groups especially students. This is one of the most easiest ways to learn our traditions and in a way that no student can afford to forget. With the technology that transports a student into the age of the Pallavas, he/she is actually a part of that period and will learn the significance of the Pallava reign and their contribution to our history without flipping a page or breaking a sweat. It is like learning while on a picnic that all students are bound to enjoy and sub consciously learn. Is there a better way to learn history? we don't think so...
Mahabalipuram Guided Tour
A magnificent combination of artistic glamour and historical merit, Mamallapuram has plenty of unique monuments which grace the town for centuries. After the movie, the site visit is organised where our professional guides will take the students to the important sites of Mahabalipuram so that they can easily relate to what they have seen in the movie, touch.. feel.. & admire the sculptures, enjoy the architecture along with the experience of taking photos. At the end of the memorable and meaningful day, students will be presented with a certificate of participation and also with a memento to the participating school.


36, East Raja St, Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu 603104


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