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Bay of Life's ocean swimming session is for those who want to become sea worthy. Entry available on Entryeticket Bayoflife

Ocean Swimming in Bay of Life

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Ocean Swimming:

This course will enable you to stay safe in ocean environment, practically understand water behavior in the ocean and large water bodies. Swimming efficiently, recognise dangers and help people out of danger in the ocean keeping safety in mind.

Day 1

Ocean theory

  • Understanding waves formation and breaking
  • Uprush backwash
  • Fetch
  • Rips
  • Lateral currents
  • Buoyancy/ floating techniques
  • Tides
  • Onshore and offshore winds.
  • Beach topography and zones present in coastal waters
  • Swim test

Day 2

  • Understanding 3 types of  breaks. Emphasis on beach breaks
  • Swim test against lateral currents
  • Finding shallow areas in the water.
  • Swimming to break zones
  • Importance of warming up.

Day 3

  • Depth check,
  • Understanding center of gravity
  • Identifying  rip currents, understanding rips (how they form, what they do, how we overcome etc), lateral current test. swimming out without wasting energy. effective paddling strokes while swimming. talk about survival swimming

Day 4

Testing rip current strength, how to use to advantage, guess and test lateral current, identify shallow regions without stepping into the water, observe whether high tide or low tide, using waves to get back. body surfing

Day 5

Observe high & low tide, spot rips, check lateral current,depth approximation, swimming under water do’s and don’ts, how to swim faster underwater, breathing techniques. half km swim.

Day 6-8

Free diving preparation-dos and don’ts , breathing techniques,recall theory lessons, how to swim out to a point and come back to the same point, judge tides and zone depth.

Swimming out for rescue vs paddling out to rescue on a board, how to handle a person in panic in the water, paddling back to the shore with PFD and rescue tube/ throw can.

Recall learnt skills. Overall understanding of how waves work, 1km swim. Addressing all fears related to open water swimming (dos and don’ts).





Bay of Life 9/9, Muthumariamman koil Street Kovalam Chennai 603112. (Near Taj Vivanta Fisherman's Cove)


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